Terms and conditions

Online Booking Conditions
This tenant agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Security Deposit

The Client is required to provide a security deposit upon arrival. The owner will have the right to retain this deposit if he finds: damage in the property, lack of valuables and if all the obligations set forth in this contract and in the rental agreement have not been met. This is without prejudice to the owner's right to claim a higher compensation than the deposit paid if the amount delivered does not cover the damage caused.

2. Duration, termination and cancellation

2.1. The duration of this contact is indicated by the terms check in - check out.
2.2. For all stays a deposit of 30% of the total amount will be required at the time of booking and the balance 30 days before check in. Unless special agreements both payments are refundable only for inability to reach the facility related to covid-19.

3. Client's Obligations

3.1. The Client agrees to exercise due care and diligence in the use of the property, refraining from any act that may damage the property and / or cause damage to its appliances and / or attached goods and / or services contained therein. The Client also agrees not to cause any noise or disturbance, which could in any way disturb the residents of neighboring properties.
3.2. The Client also agrees to return the keys to the property upon check-out in the manner that will be agreed with the owner or his agent.
3.3. The Client agrees not to reproduce and/or hand over the keys of the Property to third parties. The loss of the keys implies the compensation of the cost of a new lock and 4 new sets of keys.
3.4. The Client agrees to take the necessary security measures to prevent access to the Property to unauthorized persons throughout the duration of its period of accommodation. It is understood that if the Client does not comply with the said obligation, the owner will hold him/her responsible for any damage caused to the property and/or the items contained therein.
3.5. The Client also agrees not to sublet the property to anyone.

Any problems with the maintenance of the property must be communicated to Homes in Florence within 48 hours of arrival. Guests will be held responsible for damages that have not been previously reported to Homes in Florence.

4. Right of access to the property

The owner and/or third parties appointed by the owner, identifiable upon request by the Client, may have access to the property to carry out a repair and/or maintenance, if it is necessary. In case of emergency, the Client will be informed in advance, via email and/or telephone messaging.

5. Pets

Unless expressly authorized in writing by the owner, the Client is not allowed to have pets of any kind on the property.

6. Suspension of utilities and services

The owner or agency will not be liable to the Client for any suspensions/disruptions of services provided by third parties (such as electricity, gas and water supply and others) which are beyond the control of the client.

7. Penalties and additional costs

7.1. Guests are responsible for the furniture and furnishings in the property.
The furniture provided may not be moved and/or removed from one room to another, and may not be placed in common areas.
7.2. In case of any errors during the booking process, such as the number of guests, an additional payment may be required.
In the event of any displacements, shortages and/or replacements of furniture and/or furnishings these will be charged to the guest. Unless explicitly authorized, furniture and/or furnishings bought by the guest during his stay cannot be left in the apartment. Any costs for the removal of furniture left in the apartment will be charged to the guest. Damage caused by moving furniture and furnishings (e.g. damage to floors, doors...) will be charged to the guest.
If the guest notices a damaged piece of furniture/furniture, he/she must notify us in writing within 48 hours of his/her check-in.

8. Theft / Accidents

The owner/manager will not be responsible to the guest for any theft. The owner is not responsible for any damage to guests inside his / her property. It is recommended that you take out travel insurance if you want to protect your valuables.

9. Modification of the contract

After the arrival date the contract can only be modified in writing.

10. Use of personal data

The Customer authorizes the owner to communicate his personal data to the police as required by law (Law 31 December 1996, n.675).